Artec 3D specialises in the development and production of innovative 3D scanners that are used in a variety of industries around the world. The manufacturer recorded a new milestone on 31 January 2023 when it inaugurated its new high-tech optoelectronics production site in Luxembourg, equipped with a 300 m² cleanroom and capable of producing high-performance electronics with small components and high frequencies.

The inauguration ceremony was a proud moment for Luxembourg. Both the company and the new production facility were described as a “true success story” and shining “example of a public-private partnership that has worked very well,” according to Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who was in attendance alongside Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot.

“As a government, we are proud to have facilitated this investment. The story of Artec 3D is a true success story and an example of a public-private partnership that has worked very well,” said Prime Minister Xavier Bettel during a tour of the new site.

The company was founded in California in 2007 and relocated its headquarters to Luxembourg in 2010. The inauguration of the new optoelectronics site in Senningerberg, Luxembourg, will undoubtedly add to its impressive geographical reach, which spans a network of 150 resellers in over 60 countries and offices in the United States, China and Montenegro, where it opened a new branch in June of last year.

The “Made in Luxembourg” appeal

The new production facility will produce and assemble 3D scanners for further applications in several industries including reverse engineering, quality inspection, manufacturing, healthcare, and forensics. Artec 3D already has a reputation of releasing a next generation scanner and scanning software every one to two years. The portable handheld scanners quickly capture objects and reproduce a 3D replica.

As a government, we are proud to have facilitated this investment. The story of Artec 3D is a true success story and an example of a public-private partnership that has worked very well.

The company’s clientele consists of famous businesses like Tesla, Toyota, Airbus, SpaceX, Nasa, Samsung, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Ikea, Nike, Adidas, and Coca-Cola.

To recall, Artec 3D’s technology has been used for several purposes in the past, such as creating the first 3D presidential portrait of former US President Barack Obama, documenting war crimes and preserving cultural heritage in Ukraine, scanning a Luxembourg Air Rescue helicopter, creating a 3D image of actress Sophie Mousel for visual effects in the upcoming Luxembourg co-production Restless, and assisting in reconstructive surgery procedures by providing 3D images of the patient for customised prosthetics, among other uses.

A 300m2 cleanroom in the new production facility

The building contains a 300m2 IS07 cleanroom that is also outfitted with a data intelligence software that provides real-time information on the cleanroom’s status. The ISO classification system, which ranges from ISO 1 to ISO 9, categorises rooms based on the cleanliness of the air within the controlled environment.

“We are very proud to inaugurate the most sophisticated cleanroom in Luxembourg and one of the best in Europe for producing high performance electronics with very small components and very high frequencies. Our PCB (electronics) assembly line is fully automatic and consists of the latest and best production and quality inspection machines from Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy and the USA. This new state-of-the-art facility marks the beginning of a new chapter for Artec and our increased ability to provide new products in the future,” said the CEO and president of Artec 3D, Artem Yukhin.

Collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Luxinnovation

“Since their arrival in Luxembourg in 2010, Artec 3D has undergone remarkable development and has integrated perfectly into the economic fabric of Luxembourg. The company is now a world leader in the development of innovative 3D solutions and products, and holds great promise in many areas, particularly in the face of the challenge of both the digital and green transitions. With this new production line, the company strengthens its roots in Luxembourg, as well as its contribution to our ‘Made in Luxembourg’ influence throughout the world. As the Ministry of the Economy, we are proud to have been able to support Artec 3D since its inception, in particular with Luxinnovation, and through financial aid,” said Minister Fayot.

Photo credit: SIP/ Jean-Christophe Verhaegen